Expert Diagnostic Help- "One of the Myriad Services Offered by BCA".

Magazine Antiques author, Allison Eckardt Lees, followed the trail to locate Brian Powell after learning of his work at Royalston, Massachusetts, and learns about BCA:

"We are delighted that Banks passed this information along to us and are pleased to be able to give a brief outline of the myriad services offered by Building Conservation Associates, which we hope will prove to be yet another resource for our readers. The restoration of many American buildings, particularly those erected after the middle of the nineteenth century, calls for an experienced team of scientists, historians, and specialists in a range of materials such as stone, painted finishes, plaster, bronze, cast iron, and terra-cotta. In 1985 Raymond M. Pepi founded Building Conservation Associates in New York City with an eye toward assessing all the facets of historic preservation."