First Presbyterian Church

Stamford, Connecticut

BCA was the conservation consultant for the sanctuary and chapel façade conditions assessment of the First Presbyterian Church of Stamford, Connecticut, also known as the Fish Church. The Fish Church was designed by Wallace K. Harrison and completed in 1958. BCA examined all of the architectural materials, including cast-in-place concrete, pre-cast concrete panels, concrete and epoxy dalle de verre panels, exterior slate, and waterproofing. BCA also performed archival research to uncover information detailing the building's original construction and previous restoration campaigns. BCA performed a ground-based survey of the building materials and elements, reviewed high resolution photographs taken using cameras as mounted to a drone, and performed extensive laboratory testing of materials. The results of BCA's assessment serve as a planning tool to assist with the conservation management program of this magnificent historic church, which is listed on the Connecticut State Register of Historic Places. 

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