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Building Conservation Associates

45th Road Courthouse Square Station

Location: Queens, New York
Year Built: 1916
Original Architect: Squire Joseph Vickers

BCA provided documentation and design documents for the station renovation as part of a larger commercial development project. 45th Road–Court House Square station was built in 1916 to extend the Interborough Rapid Transit Company's Flushing Line to Long Island City, Queens. in 1940, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) took over the Interborough Rapid Transit Company in 1940 and made small changes, such as lengthening the platform, to the elevated rail station. This station hosts around 23,600 each weekday, making it one of the most essential subway stations in Queens. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. 

BCA researched the structural history and renovations of the station and came up with an alterations chronology to inform materials analysis. BCA assessed the station's conservation needs and created treatment recommendations including Anti-Graffiti Treatment. During restoration, BCA provided periodic construction monitoring.