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Building Conservation Associates


University of Pennsylvania, 3808-3810 Walnut Street

University of Pennsylvania, 3808-3810 Walnut Street Location: Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaYear Built: 1898Original Architect: W Frisbey Smith 3808-3810 Walnut Street is located in the heart of the University of Pennsylvania’s urban campus. The three and one-half story twin was designed by Philadelphia architect W. Frisbey Smith and built in 1898. The facade features iron-spot Roman brick and is heavily ornamented with copper metalwork. BCA performed a paint analysis to determine the building’s original exterior paint colors and oversaw the restoration of these colors to the building. BCA also...

Victoria Theater

Victoria Theater Location: New York, New YorkYear Built: 1917Original Architect: Thomas Lamb The Victoria Theater was designed by Thomas Lamb, with interior murals designed by Arthur Brounet. Located on 125th Street in Harlem, Upper Manhattan, the Theater opened in 1917 as a Vaudeville and Motion Picture house.  The project involves a complete renovation and adaptive reuse of the building and will preserve and foster Harlem’s cultural heritage through the retention and restoration of significant elements of the Theater. The complex will provide affordable and market rate housing, a new hotel,...