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Building Conservation Associates

Nissequogue River State Park

Location: Kings Park, New York
Year Built: 1890-1973
Original Architects: William E. Haugaard

Established in 2001, Nissequogue River State Park (NRSP) was originally the Kings Park Psychiatric Center (KPPC), a hospital complex run by the NY State Office of Mental Health that operated from 1895 through 1996. At its peak in the 1950s, the KKPC campus consisted of approximately 100 buildings from various periods set within a designed institutional landscape. After the hospital closed, the land and remaining buildings were transferred to NY State Parks.

As part of a project to create a Master Plan to guide the park's future development, BCA reviewed extensive archival materials on the hospital's history and development and conducted a field survey and assessment of the 60 remaining KPPC buildings and infrastructure elements to update conditions information previously collected by the NY State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). BCA then evaluated the buildings and conducted extensive public outreach to better understand the community's desires and determine which elements of the former hospital campus were most suitable for preservation and reuse within the new park setting. Using this information, BCA developed Master Plan options for building preservation and reuse and assessed potential Master Plan impacts on historic and cultural resources.