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Building Conservation Associates

Hartford Unitarian Meeting House

Location: Hartford, CT
Year Built:: 1968
Original Architect: Victor A. Lundy

Completed in 1968, the Meeting House on Bloomfield Avenue has a highly sculptural, structurally expressive, and easily identifiable form. Nestled in a gently sloping site, the tent-like building appears to rise out of the ground like an anomalous geological formation composed of concrete, wood, metal, and glass. This architectural gem holds significant historical value within Hartford's architectural landscape.

Victor A. Lundy is among a small group of postwar American architects whose work is defined more by its extraordinary experimentation and adaptability than by any singular aesthetic or signature style. Though his architectural education was rooted in both Beaux-Arts and Bauhaus principles, his embrace of new technology, material exploration, and innovative feats of engineering resulted in sculpturally expressive residential, commercial, civic, and religious buildings that at once resist categorization and evoke interpretive symbolism.

BCA researched and wrote the nomination for the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in support of the listing process. The Connecticut State Review Board unanimously voted to list the building on the State Register and recommended forwarding the nomination to the National Park Service. BCA takes great pride in contributing to the preservation of this architecturally and culturally significant building.