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Building Conservation Associates

Rockefeller Center

Location: New York, New York
Year Built: 1930-1939
Original Architect: Raymond Hood

This renowned 1930s Art Deco commercial complex, located in midtown Manhattan, set a precedent for business by integrating utility and comfort with aesthetic beauty. Now a designated Nation Historic District, Rockefeller Center’s 21-acre property is comprised of fourteen historic buildings, including Radio City Music Hall, totalling 7.4 million square feet of office and retail space, gardens, plazas, murals and sculpture.

As the consultant to Rockefeller Group Inc., BCA developed a Master Plan for the long-term preservation of the complex. BCA staff researched the history of the complex, catalogued interior and exterior building elements, artwork and sculpture, recommended restoration treatments, provided materials conservation services, as well as creating the application to work through the state and federal historic review processes to secure a 20% Historic Tax Credit for the construction costs the renovation incurred.
The project was acclaimed by the New York State Office Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation as: “an impressive piece of information gathering and organization...BCA deserves commendation for the job.”

As a result of the long-term planning, BCA continued to provide consulting services for specific renovation projects including the conversion of Building 11 into NBC’s Today Show studios and the rehabilitation of Radio City Music Hall.