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Building Conservation Associates

Trinity Church

Location: New York, New York
Year Built: 1846
Original Architect: Richard Upjohn

Trinity Church, located at the west end of Wall Street in Manhattan, is one of the seminal works of historic architecture in the United States and was designed in multiple phases under various architects. The Main Church was designed by Richard Upjohn and constructed in 1846. BCA is the restoration consultant for the entire church. BCA oversaw the conservation treatments of the spire and designed all the conservation treatments of the façade, which is brownstone sourced primarily from Little Falls, NJ and Longmeadow, MA.

On the historic interior, BCA performed a hands-on investigation of all plaster wall and ceiling surfaces and designed appropriate conservation treatments in keeping with the project’s goals for a comprehensive restoration and building systems upgrade. Research and analysis confirm the plaster walls and vaulted ceilings of the church were originally treated with a faux-masonry pattern. BCA designed a restorative scope of work including stabilization of the existing plaster and reinstatement of the original faux masonry decorative treatment. BCA provided Construction Administration services for the restoration scope of work.

Awards: Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, Engineering News Register Award of Merit Renovation/Restoration